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Wig Grip Band, Comfortable Adjustable Elastic Velvety Black

Wig Grip Band, Comfortable Adjustable Elastic Velvety Black

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Package Includes: 1 x Wig Grip
The wig grip is perfect for holding wigs in place, wigs won't slip.
Very easy to use, prevents headaches and baldness, secures your wig in place without glue or tape, so you can save time and not have to bother with your wig all day.
The wig grip is made of quality velvet, very comfortable and with a velcro closure at the back, it can be adjusted to fit different head sizes.
wig grip band, easy to care, wear and wash.
After wearing this wig holder, simply wash it with cold water and a mild detergent. Please do not put it in the dryer or wring it out. We suggest you roll it up in a towel for a few moments to soak up excess water, then let it air dry.
To maintain the elasticity of the wig grip, please do not wear it 24/7, we suggest getting another one and take turns wearing it.
Secure Your Wig in Place: Wig Grip would help you keep your wig in place. Be sure to check out our image and use it properly.
Comfort: The wig band makes it much easier for you to hold your wig. It is adjustable and fits different sizes.
Healthier: The wig grip would prevent headaches, it is more comfortable to use the wig grip than to use glue or tape.
Colour: Black
This NEW DESIGN is slimmer and much more comfortable than others on the market.
Use a wig holder as shown in the path direction logo so it works well to hold the wig in place.
6.7" velcro closure, can be adjusted to fit different head sizes, one size fits most.
The velvet of the wig grip is made towards one direction, when you wear it, please confirm that the direction of the velvet on the surface is downward.
The package comes with wig grip instructions, check it out for more tips on this wig grip.

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