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Pet Restraint Harness for Grooming

Pet Restraint Harness for Grooming

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Supports the dog's head and haunches for easier grooming, used by professionals and home groomers.

The grooming tool keeps the pet standing comfortably and helps control excessive pet movement.

This is a great tool to have on hand for "caretakers".

It is a humane way to better control the movement of the dog you are grooming.

Keeps dogs standing comfortably.


This keeps dogs and cats on their feet comfortably.

Supports the dog's head and legs for easy grooming.

Completely covered with a special cushion protection, it will not tear, pull or rub around the neck of pet hair.

An essential product for all uses in bathtubs and toilet arms.

No tools needed! comfortable and an easy way to keep pets from sitting while working on the stomach and rear areas.
brass, aluminum and stainless steel hardware. Does not fray like nylon.

Will not absorb dirt or odors. The comfortable cushion cover protects the pet's neck and flank.

For medium/large dogs.


Colour: yellow and red

Length: 62cm (24.4 inches) + 50cm (19.7 inches)

Material: stainless steel + rubber

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