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Mirror with Bluetooth audio, LED lighting, USB charging, 7" x 9"

Mirror with Bluetooth audio, LED lighting, USB charging, 7" x 9"

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Bluetooth: With a simple touch of a button you can now take a phone call or listen to your favorite tunes while putting on your makeup! the built in mic will give you the clearest sounding voice while taking phone calls, and the high quality built in speaker will provide the best sounding tunes! supports all Bluetooth devices.
Bonus 10x spot mirror: Now you can get up close with the magnetic 10x spot mirror to give you the perfect result when applying anything that needs the perfect attention to detail.
Distortion free mirror: 7 x 9 distortion free mirror to your makeup routine is distraction free, with the clearest and brightest mirror.
Voice control: No more fidgeting with your phone while getting ready. Ask Siri or google to send a text, ask for the weather, or to call one of your family members or friends.
Usb charging port: Use the built in usb port to charge up your phone all while getting ready. This will make sure you are fully charged and gives you a great head start for your day or night out.

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