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Hairbrush with detangling bristles

Hairbrush with detangling bristles

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The Duo brush is made up of two sides. On damp hair, you'll find our ultra-soft bristles gently massage the scalp while stimulating blood flow and fortifying hair against breakage and split ends. Our dry side allows you to achieve the same results! Removable bristles allow for easy cleaning and sanitizing, while the open back allows for additional storage of hair clips and elastics. Our DuoFlex brush also works well with extensions.

HANDS DOWN THE BEST DETANGLING HAIRBRUSH: Unlike the wet brush or ordinary hair brushes, our brilliantly crafted wet and dry detangler won't rip or rip out tangled hair. Gently unravels even the worst of knots.
TWO SIDES - Use the wet side to detangle wet hair or switch the brush to the dry side to continue using on dry hair. This brush is perfect for all hair types! Bristles glide easily through knotted hair and tough tangles.
THE CLEAN, PAINLESS WAY TO BRUSH HAIR: Our hairbrush is brilliantly designed to mimic other national brands with patented flexology soft tips and triple flexology bristles. The triple action teeth are designed to detangle your hair in seconds! The bristles are designed to minimize pain and protect hair from split ends and breakage. The wet and dry sides allow you to brush with less force so you can detangle with less damage to your hair, while the removable bristles allow for easy cleaning and disinfecting.
PERFECT FOR ALL HAIR TYPES: No matter if your hair is thick or thin, extra long or short, tight curls or straight, our brush will go through any and all hair types removing tangles while smoothing without causing damage extensive. . It works great on wet or dry hair and is the perfect size to take with you on the go.
GENTLE ON EXTENSIONS: Our brush is perfect for extensions or weaves! For long extensions that require blow drying to evenly spread the conditioner, our DuoFlex brush is perfect! It's strong enough to treat a large amount of hair at once, while the soft, delicate bristles don't pull hair too hard from the bonds that often cause excessive hair breakage.

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