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Decorative false nails, natural color

Decorative false nails, natural color

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Natural full cover nails with 3 gm professionals choice Nail glue. 100 Full Cover Nails in 10 sizes. Perfect fit shape. Full Cover Nails are natural-looking, durable and easy to remove. Used by professionals - full cover nails are the number one choice. Nail glue sets in 4 seconds for the quickest application around. Keeps nails bonded in place until you take them off. Kit Contains:100 Nails, Nail glue 3 g/.11 oz.

Preparing natural nails: clean nails of any polish or oil using nail polish remover. Trim and file nail tips if needed. If needed, nudge down cuticles with a manicure stick.
Application: select the correct size nail tip to fit each finger.
If needed, file sides of artificial nails for a better fit.
Holding artificial nail by numbered edge, apply glue onto the back area, where it will come in contact with your natural nail. Immediately apply a layer of nail glue onto natural nail.
Be sure to apply enough glue for proper adhesion, and hold firmly until set.
Shape and file to desired length.

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